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Congratulations on Collecting a Shamrock Scavenger Hunt token!

Congratulations, you have now collected a Wadzzo Shamrock Scavenger Hunt token! Each shamrock collected gets you 1 entry into our giveaway for $200, so make sure to collect as many as you can for a greater chance of winning. Also make sure to check the pins around your area, as there will be 2 Pots of Gold hidden around the Quad Cities! Each pot of gold results in a guaranteed prize win for the first person to collect it, so make sure you're the first to find and collect it. This campaign is active until March 18, so keep checking your Wadzzo app throughout the QC to find the gold at the end of the rainbow! No one user can win more than once of one prize type (shamrock or pot of gold), but if you collect a shamrock and a pot of gold you are still eligible to win with both!

HINT: These shamrocks are hidden around all 5 of the Quad Cities along the St. Patrick's Parade route, QC St. Patrick's Day Race route, St. Patrick's Day events, and at many of your favorite establishments throughout the Quad Cities. 

Winners who collect the lucky shamrock and the Pots of Gold will be contacted by email on March 19th to be notified of their prize win and how to receive their prize.  


Thank you for participating in our Shamrock Scavenger Hunt,

The Wadzzo Team 

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